How to fix a issue of Overheating Laptop

Hello, everyone Today I am going to share the some ways about how to stop overheating of laptop. If you don’t know what are the ways to stop the issue of overheating laptop? and you are searching for it then you are in right place.

Running a laptop for long time and uses heavy games and software results in overheating of laptop which may causes many problem in the laptop. In this article we will provide you some tips regarding the overheating laptop. After reading this whole article you don’t have to go on any repair shop to remove or clear the issue of overheating in laptops.


First of all before reading the ways to prevent overheating we need to know the reason why it takes place. The main major cause is running heavy games or software in your laptop. These heavy games and software’s are not supported by your laptop.

Another cause of  overheating laptop is insufficient cooling of laptop. In many cases dust particle are stick on the laptop exhausting ports which results in blockage of exhausting port in your laptop. Exhausting port, Intake grills, degenerated thermal grease, and clogged up fan, these are some ports which are present in your laptop and these are required to cool the laptop. Sometimes the dirt particles are settled down on these ports which may affect the cooling procedure of the laptop. So, to avoid the overheating of laptop you just have to apply these ways which are given below.

3 Ways Regarding Overheating Laptop.


Firstly you have to clean the exhausting fan that provides the cooling to your graphics card and CPU(Control Processing Unit). Dust and dirt particles slow down the speed of exhausting fan which may result in overheating. You must apply this step when your laptop gets overheat. Whenever you goes on repair shops they always first check the exhausting fan whether it works proper or not.

These below steps are important before cleaning the exhaust fan.
1. Shut down the laptop
2. Unplug the power strip
3. Remove the back cover of laptop.
4. Remove the battery

Now you see the exhaust fan, clear it with cotton swab or may also use wet cotton swab. But make sure if you use wet cotton then fan must be evaporated properly before supplying it power. If you don’t want to use cotton swab you may use vacuum cleaner. Make sure that don’t revolve the fan in wrong direction.


Cooling pad and laptop cooler are the additional product which are required to cool the laptop. However, if you buy a wrong cooling pad or laptop cooler condition become worse. So, to protect your laptop before going it in worse condition must understand the in and out airflow of your laptop.

If Intake grills are present in the bottom of your laptop then you must buy an additional cooler which blows air upwards. Some coolers are present in the market which doesn’t consume much power and less amount of heat is released by these coolers in the surrounding.


Always keep your laptop on a hard and flat surface. Because many laptops suck air (This is used for cooling purpose) from the bottom. Mostly people use there laptop in bed, pillow, sofas or laps. Using laptop on uneven surface obstruct the flow of air from the bottom. And second reason is not to use laptop on such places. Because small or tiny dust and dirt particles are present in uneven surfaces whenever we use our laptop on these surfaces. The dirt particles block the intake grills which present at the bottom of the laptop.

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Due to blockage of these ports proper flow of air is doesn’t takes place inside the laptop. Which results in overheating of laptop. So must use laptop on hard and flat surface. Try to use laptop on the table which is the best place to use laptop.


If you doesn’t get any result from the above given ways then must fix some potential software. After fixing some potential software problem of laptop overheating may be solved if don’t know about this, then read our article carefully .

In this method we going to fix the softwares, and drivers which are consuming the power of your laptop.You may reduced the clock speed of CPU or reduced the brightness of laptop screen.


I hope you like our article and if your problem gets solved after reading this article. Then share it with your friends and family.

If you have any another way or tips regarding overheating laptop then share with us in the comment box.

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