Here’s the list of 7 Best Geek Gifts in 2018

Would you like to purchase geek gifts, yet don’t have enough thought regarding where to begin? On the off chance that truly, at that point you are on the correct page. In this article, we will demonstrate to you a list of some stunning and best geek gifts in 2018  which you would love to purchase it online. Best of all, every one of the gifts recorded is amazing and interesting and you don’t discover anything like them in your closest market.

In case you will discover a geek gift, you will need to think outside about the container. Underneath, we’ve gathered the list of the 7 best geek gifts in 2018. Regardless of what your financial plan is, we have something to fit into it. After reading this whole article you get an idea which is the best geek gifts in 2018.

Here’s the list of 7 Best Geek Gifts in 2018

  1. MECO LED Name Badge

If you have a geek or nerd friend who is ready to go in a business for themselves, at that point the MECO LED Name Badge is the ideal gift. This LED name bade gives him a chance to emerge in a crowded room. Because of the looking over a classic message.

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While every other person is advertising using a bit of paper with a name composed on it. You can redo this name identification with both a name and visual effects. This LED name supports 15 distinct languages and more than five record composes.

  1. Piper Computer Kit

Piper Computer Kit is another outstanding, amazing, and interesting geek or nerd gifts. It will assist you with learning to code while playing Minecraft. It has a considerable measure of Minecraft difficulties. You need to experience every one of them to explore your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

It’s a completely robotized unit. Piper Computer Kit enables you to do different analyses to test your abilities. It includes various components like LED lights, sensors, ringers and so on. When you have finished every one of the difficulties, at that point you can utilize your WI-FI to download extra difficulties.

  1. ICE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

If you have a friend who loves to listen to music all day? On the off chance, at that point, this could be a stunning and amazing present for them. It’s an astounding Bluetooth speaker which dependably stay high over the base.

Here’s the list of 7 Best Geek Gifts in 2018
Here’s the list of 7 Best Geek Gifts in 2018

ICE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker has magnets on both the sides keeping in mind the end goal to stay high over the base. The best part of this speaker is that whenever the music or songs play. It will begin moving in around movement or circular motion which will give you better solid impacts. Besides that, it highlights NFC support which will assist you in connecting it with any cell phone.

  1. TrackR Bravo

Have you at any point forget your wallet or key while doing some vital work? On the off chance that truly, at that point you don’t have to stress over this any longer.

TrackR Bravo is a stunning apparatus which you can connect either with your key holder or your wallet. A short time later, at whatever point you lose your basic things, at that point.

You can utilize the TrackR application to ring the TrackR gadget. Other than that, you can schedule a few cautions to your smartphone at whatever point you are forgetting something at home or at the workplace.

  1. LEGO Brick 16 GB USB

LEGO Brick USB is another best geek gifts made exclusively for well-informed individuals about tech. It would appear that a real LEGO block and you can shroud it into your LEGO block formation.

This will assist you in securing your information and USB too. Best of all, it has a sliding opener which guarantees your USB is secure at whatever point it’s far from your PC. It additionally has a key holder which you can use to connect the keys with it.

  1. Pancake Bot 3D Food Printer

Did you have an attachment with food and 3D printing, yet imagine a scenario in which I say that you can do both of them in the meantime. Truly, you heard it right. Due to Pancake Bot 3D printer, this thing has become possible.

Utilizing this printer, you can cook pancakes in any shape whatever you like. Best of all, they will furnish you with a formula book alongside their item. Thus, No issue whether you are a specialist in cooking or an apprentice, Pancake Bot 3D has made it basic and simple for you.

  1. Virtual laser keyboard

Virtual laser keyboard is other amazing and best geek gifts in 2018. Know any tech nerds that could utilize a super cool and super fantastic keyboard.

After giving this gifts to your geek friend, he/she can show off virtual laser keyboard in front of his/her friends or cousins. It is the stunning nerd gifts for your nerdy friend.


That is it! These are the best nerd gifts which you can purchase for your nerdy companions. I trust this guide will assist you in finding the best geek gifts in 2018. I hope you like our article share it with your friends. Let your friends know about these best geek gifts. If you have any another nerd or geek gifts then share with us in the comment box.

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