Apple Devices Highlights Of 2018.

Apple Devices Highlights Of 2018.

This Brand which is named after a fruit Apple is a symbol of class and endurance. Most of its key specifications are like the recipe of coca cola a top secret. In this article, we going to discuss the Apple Devices Highlights Of 2018.

Apple has never been the same since the era of Steve Jobs ended. However, the CEO Tim Cook is also a laborious man. He is also known as Uncle Tim. Here’s is the list of Apple devices highlights of 2018.

Apple Devices Highlights Of 2018.

This year Apple has launched three smart-phones, 1 mac book, 1 iPad and some accessories. Apple launched its Smartphones earlier and did a separate event in New York for the launch of Macbooks and iPad.

The Smartphone Section

Apple Devices Highlights Of 2018.
1. iPhone XS

Coming with a RAM of 4GB and storage of 256 GB this device is priced at 1,09,900 INR. The display is 5.8 inches long with a retina technology. Its sleek design makes it compact and gives assurance of durability.

This device is known to have water resistant properties. It is also sublimed with an A12 bionic chip which makes its display look more adorable than ever.

iPhone XS has 12 MP dual rear camera setup and 7 MP selfie Camera. It has a 2758 mAh battery with the same lithium-ion technology. With the same RAM of 4GB, another storage variant of 64 GB is available priced 95,000.

2. iPhone XS Max

This device is one step ahead of iPhone XS in the fashion that it comes with a stainless steel finish.

Another noticeable difference is that it comes with 3 different ROM combinations. With the RAM remaining same that is 4GB, the ROM options available are 64, 256 and 512 GB.

The 64 GB variant is priced at 104,900 INR.

However, the 256 and 512 GB variants are priced 119,900 and 143,900 respectively. The display is 6.5 inch in length with an OLED technology and processor is same as that of iPhone XS that is an A12 bionic chip.

3. iPhone XR

The price of the XR series is unknown yet. But it will also come with three different combinations of ROM that is 64,128,256 GB storage options.

The screen size is 6.1 inches with liquid retina technology. It is a multi-touch display.

It comes with the same A12 bionic chipset. The special highlight if this device this fingerprint proof oleophobic coating.It is water resistant and can stand in 1m depth of water for a time period of 30 minutes.

All the three devices named as XS, XS Max and XR run on iOS 12.1.

The iPad Section.


Apple Devices Highlights Of 2018.
1. iPad Pro

Apple recently launched a new iPad pro(11inches) which runs on an octa-core processor.It comes with a resolution of 264 PPI ( pixel per inch).The most disheartening fact for customers is that it only considers a storage of 64 GB.

A 12MP rear camera and a 7 MP front camera marks the lens quality of the device.It includes all the required sensors that are proximity, gyroscopic, magnetometer, accelerometer and ambient light sensor.

It will come in two colors silver and space grey.Another variant with a screen size of 12.9 inches is available with no other major difference from the 11 inches screen device.

The Mac Section


Apple Devices Highlights Of 2018.
1. Mac Mini

This Mac mini comes with stronger specifications than the previous one. The main highlight is that it runs on 8th generation Intel-based processors.

The base variant comes with i3 quad core and can be extended up to i7 six-core processor. It will stack 64 GB RAM and 2 TB SSD.

2. MacBook Air

People always remain excited about MacBooks.After three long years, we finally have an update of MacBooks that are notched with slimmer bezels and 13.3 inches of liquid retina technology based display.

Customers earlier faced a lot of issues with the keyboards. The new butterfly type keyboard seems to eradicate every ambiguity.It runs on 8th generation dual-core Intel processors.

It is lodged with 16 GB Ram and 1.5 TB storage. Charging options are of type C port with fast charging available.Few other products such as Apple pencils, Airpods, and apple watches have been updated.


Apple has released various products in 2018 like they do every year. These are the highlights and key specifications of the various products.

If you are interested in buying any of the Apple products then we will like to inform you that their online partners are Amazon.

Their products will also be available at Apple stores. If your devices are getting slowed the festive season is the perfects time to upgrade them.

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